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Honeymoon Registry Reviews and Testimonials

Using this registry was one of the best decisions we made throughout the planning process of our wedding. We are very grateful to have it exist.
- Stacey and Erik
It was the easiest site to use and the gift money was in our account the next day. I received so many positive comments from my guests. A few of my guests are going to use this site for their honeymoon!
- Amy and Ryan
We liked that the service was available. We loved the availability of the employees - quick responses to questions, actually being able to talk to a person, sending money when promised.
- Kimberly and Reginald
The registry is the greatest thing in the world for couples who do not need any more kitchenware like us. It added luxury options to our honeymoon that we would not necessarily have purchased.
- Catherine and Timothy
I loved the ease of this service. Instead of birthday and Christmas gifts, my husband and I asked people to go to the registry instead. It helped a lot!
- Kathy and Steve
I would like to thank you for your service. It was easy and fun to use and I would definitely recommend this honeymoon registry to other couples as an alternative to traditional gift registries!
- Steven and Laura
Your site was easy to use and kept track of the gifts we received. Once our trip starts we plan to take pictures of our experiences and send those in the thank you notes. Those experiences will be so much better than a blender!
-Rebecca and Kirby
Sign up! It's easy to use and really provides you with the funds to do all that you dream of doing on your honeymoon.
- Julie and Andrew
The customer service was truly awesome. I had several requests and questions and sent a handful of emails, all of which were responded to in the most helpful and prompt fashion. It didn't feel like an anonymous website experience at all - very personal.
- Elise and Shane
This is the best registry that we ever did! It completely paid for our honeymoon.
- Kristin and Nathan
We liked how easy the process was for our guests to purchase a gift and for us to collect them.
- Sylvia and Francisco
If you are old enough to have your own household provided for or you are getting married for a second time this is a great option.
- Heather and Derek
The registry worked SO well for us and, truthfully, we wouldn't have been able to take our honeymoon without it! We loved that the monies were transferred directly into our checking account so we had instant access to pay for those "gifts".
- Marissa and Mark
It is the best registry you can have.
- Judy and Daron
Register for everything you think you may want to do! Also, research your destination to be familiar with what is offered there for newly weds. Be sure to tell all guest about this registry!
- Shannon and Jeff
Have a variety of price ranges. You will be surprised at how much people will spend if you give them options. Don't be scared to use it and tell your guests that you prefer honeymoon contributions. It was well worth it.
- Brooke and Jeremy
It's a great idea to opt for a honeymoon registry rather than the traditional Macy's or Target registries. By far, you will enjoy the honeymoon contributions much, much more than having three blenders sitting in your garage :)
- Liz and Andy
It's an amazing web site and I'm so glad we registered with This was the only way we could have done a honeymoon. It was 5-Star!
- Maggie and Logan
Do it! Who needs another towel set or toaster? Use the money to enjoy your honeymoon. You are not obligated to do the things your guests purchased. You spend your money as you like. I loved this idea!
- Loretta and Eric
I had a great experience all around. My cousin is getting married next month and she liked it so much that she is using it for her honeymoon, too.
- Michele and Tim
Do a honeymoon registry vs a traditional gift registry so you don't end up with a bunch of junk for gifts. People don't even have to leave the house to get you a gift.
- Lydia and Andrew
It is a great way to communicate with all of your family and friends. It was very easy, too!!!
- Michelle and Brian
Let EVERYONE know that you're using it! We got nearly $3000 from people. Your guests will be very generous if they know that their money is going to a fun vacation for the bride and groom! Also, we limited the other sites/stores that we registered at.
- Amanda and Bobby
I used it and loved it! It was an excellend idea and guests loved it.
- Rosanny and Brandon
DO IT!! We got exactly what we wanted.
- Melissa and Mark
It was a great tool and our guests loved it. Instead of receiving just cash in an envelope they selected fun things for us. This also provided a great conversation piece when we returned.
- Angela and Ray
The registry was so easy to use, from setting up the page to receiving the money! I didn't have to worry at all.
- Aarin and Eirik
This is really a great way for you to be able to enjoy your honeymoon without having go worry so much about finances after the cost of the wedding.
- Jesie and Kolyn
It is extremely easy to use and you receive your monies quickly!
- Karinne and Hipolito
Use it! Your guests love to purchase things from your registry and it is great to know that they are really giving you things you want!
- Megan and Jeremy
It is a great idea and I would highly recommend it. Without registering on here myself, we would not have been able to enjoy a honeymoon until sometime in the future because of finances.
- Marlynda and Eric
My husband and I would like to encourage more couples to use this site. The monies received paid for our entire honeymoon. :-)
- Zainora and Edward
This was registry was very effective and well-liked by our guests.
- Megan and William
It was great having that extra cash to use on our trip. We had it deposited directly into our checking account so we weren't waking around with a big sum of cash.
- Kimberly and Bret
It is easy and one less thing you have to worry about before the big day!
- Jessica and Raymond
It's convenient for family and friends who dont have time to go shopping. Almost everyone has internet access. It's great!
- Stacey and Greg
I loved the ease and promptness of getting the funds to use on our honeymoon.
- Rebekah and CJ
Everything is great about the site. I liked being able to post pictures of us and my favorite part was the story of us and wedding/honeymoon information I was able to fill in. That was fun and the guests really enjoyed reading it.
- Marlynda and Eric
I think it's perfect! Use!
- Wendy and John
This was the most amazing place we could have ever registered.
- Holly and Josh
My honey and I have been together for 11 years and we have everything already (and if we need something we go buy it) so this site was a perfect thing to sign up for because I really could not use another toaster!
- Erin and Bruce
Use it! Great service and easy to set-up.
- Sha and Clifford
I thought this site was wonderful! I told so many people about it and they loved the idea. I really could not say that anything could be improved.
- Bonnie and Kevin
The honeymoon registry was the greatest idea for the honeymoon and wedding. We received quite a few gifts.
- Rebecca and Richard
Explain exactly what the registry is and why you are doing it. Everyone we talked to thought it was such a good idea! No one had heard about such a thing before.
- Beth and Patrick
Give it a shot. It really helped us out to be able to fund our honeymoon rather than receive another set of china.
- Cameron and Scott
I think it's great, simple and easy, and you get the money super fast. I highly recommend you go with this registry!
- Amy and Anthony
Do it! It's the best idea, especially if you already have a house full of things.
- Elvira and Yusuf
Register for it all! It's great to not have to spend anything on your honeymoon!
- Ashley and Todd
It's a great way for your friends to give you something other than the traditional china or crystal. The registry offers you the gift of an experience, from which the memories will last a lifetime.
- Elizabeth and Jared
This is a great idea for couples who already have everything. Many are getting married later in life which means we've already been living on our own. Using this site is a good way to get exactly what you want.
- Brandi and Kehlin
Register for everything you want. The gifts that you get to contribute to the honeymoon. I found that a lot of people would rather contribute to the couple having a great time and lifetime of memories rather than purchasing something else.
- Carrie and Ted
Do it! I definitely wish I did not register for house items.
- Stacy and Michael
I would totally recommend it. People feel like they're really contributing to your marriage and happiness!
- Heather and Scott
This site was great. It helped us collect the money needed.
- Laura and Luis
Go for it and be sure to list a lot of things. It's such a great service!
- Jessica and Nicholas
The registry was awesome. A lot of our guests included a message about what a cool idea this was and I think people liked the idea of giving a gift that they know would be enjoyed.
- Jennifer and Erik
Get the word out...people that knew about the honeymoon registry loved it.
- Megan and Brent
Use it! I got a lot of compliments on the site and " What a great idea".
- Catherine and Derek
Loved how easy it was to get the monies out and the fact that you can chose a wide variety of things to do.
- Ingra and Joseph
It's a great idea...Enjoy!
- Kimmy and Mike
This is the best site, especially if you have already been married and don't need anymore household items. It gives you great ideas on different things you can do on your honeymoon, too!
- Kelle and Brad
Go for it! It's so much fun and is a tremendous help when it comes to paying for the honeymoon!
- Jamie and Alain
It was great! Everyone that used it loved the idea.
- Melissa and Jim
It was very user friendly and my guests said that they thought it was really cool!
- Shelley and Steve
It's a great registry. This way we could use the money we got for our honeymoon, instead of getting unnecessary items that will just sit in a cabinet at home.
- Katarina and Michael
It's the greatest thing in the world for couples who do not need any more kitchenware like us. It added luxury options to our honeymoon that we would not necessarily have purchased.
- Catherine and Timothy
Do it! We've already recommended your site to several recently engaged friends.
- Lauren and Adam
Customer service was excellent and the ACH deposits were very fast!
- Joie and Michelle K
Make this your #1! I wouldn't register for much else besides this. Cash for your honeymoon really comes in handy after all the wedding expenses and not having time to open envelopes and cashing checks for the wedding itself.
- Tara and Justin
This is a very good registry and is a good choice for couples who already have a household full of items and need nothing else.
- Ashley and Dewayne
I loved the ease of this service. Instead of birthday and Christmas gifts, my husband and I asked people to go to the registry instead. It helped a lot!
- Kathy and Steve
Just do it! It was wonderful.
- Rebecca Corin and Michael
Everything was great! It was simple and easy to use and many of my wedding guests thought it was a great idea!
- Shannon and Michael
We liked the concept. It worked very well!
- Erin and Dan
It was very easy to use. Our guests loved it because they did not have to tote a present half way around the country and because they thought it was cool. We loved it because it was easy for our guests and it gave us some great ideas for the honeymoon.
- Melissa and Steve
I thought it was great. Very easy to receive gifts.
- Lisa and Ben
Customer Service was fabulous!!!!
- Jenni and Billy
It is a great tool and a great idea. Pick as much out so people have options.
- Claire and Blake
It is a fab idea. The majority of our guest loved it and thought it was so easy and saved a lot of time. They did not have to go into the city and find parking. They just had to go onto their computers and after a few clicks it was all over.
- Jameka and Eddie
Easy to use and the gifts were sent to us as we wished.
- Danielle and Stephen
Use it. I was skeptical at first and doubted anyone would use it, but we got over $400 in gifts from it.
- Dawn and Joshua
I really liked how easy it was to get the money from the site! Thank you for helping us make our honeymoon amazing!
- Jocelyn and Scott
Get the word out about your registry as early as possible. Put it in your invitations and put it out at bachlor and bachlorete partys.
- Renelle and Gabriel
Do's a great new way to register for those of us that already live together and really want a honeymoon.
- Cassie and Cody
If couple are already established and do not need household items a honeymoon registry is the way to go. It is perfect when you want money for the honeymoon ... no one wants to go into debt before their life starts, so this is a perfect way to go!
- Rebekah and Joseph
We enjoyed the easy set up. We should have ordered the inserts to put in our invitations to help get the word out about our registry. We liked the fact that the site could be used by same sex couples as well as heterosexual couples.
- Gloria and Joi
DO IT! Being our second marriage, we have our household items. It was nice to give people an idea and many choices even if we didn't want gifts (friends and family always want to give). It took some financial stress out of the honeymoon.
- Shilo Jo and Mark
We really liked how you could pick a variety of things that family and friends can buy for you. It was fun to go through the list and ask for so many different things whether or not you actually got them. I honestly can't think of anything we would change.
- Callie and Trevor
I thought the registry was wonderful!
- Sue and John
I thought that the registry service was absolutely fine. I liked that people could write us little notes. I did not hear anything about anyone having issues with the site so I think that it is a wonderful thing. I would recommend it to anyone!
- Melissa and Kelly
I really like the option to create our own items. This personalized our registry and our guests loved it!
- Beth and Sean
Our guests commented on how they liked the concept of being able to see what they were giving us money towards. More personalized then just giving us the money. Definitely recommend it if you are financing your own wedding and honeymoon as we did.
- Melanie and Christopher
More and more couples getting married already have all the household items they need. The honeymoon registry is perfect for those couples. They get what they really want/need, and guests get to feel like they are actually buying them something special.
- Cara and Jason
It's great! Especially if you are like us, getting married later in life and really have everything you need, getting money towards the honeymoon was a great help and very appreciated.
- Adria and Christopher
Using the honeymoon gift registry was the best idea my husband came up with especially when we have everything for our house. The registry truly gave us the honeymoon of our dreams.
- Deetra and Seymour
We used the registry and we loved it! It really helps out a lot!
- Allyson and David
The site was terrific! Thank goodness my brilliant wife found this.
- Julia and Paul David
Unless there is a store you really want items from, I would recommend registering for this site alone.
- Shandara and Daniel
If you have all that you need only use the honeymoon registry it is so great to have the cash to do what you want on your honeymoon
- Tiffany and Mark
I used it and loved it..strongly recommend the honeymoon registry.
- Andria and Josh
Do it! Presents are great but getting the gift of EXPERIENCE is priceless!
- Jennifer and George
I liked how easy the money was deposited into my account, within a couple days, it was great.
- Meridith and Cody
I would recommend everyone to use the site. It is a site that works well when you are trying to save money. Also it is a good website to use for couples that have already been living together and really don't need the extra house-whole items.
- Cherita and Mathais
I think that it is great for couples that don't need/want the conventional registry gifts.
- Kate and Michael
It is a must use! This was so much easier than carrying gifts or getting gifts that you have to store at someone's home.
- Jemiko and Alexis
Who needs a bread maker when you can have a candle light dinner on your honey moon!
- Kristi and Paul
It is a lot of fun and easy to use. Many family members don't like giving cash, and this is a easy and simple way to get some extra cash for your honeymoon and do things to make your honeymoon spectacular.
- Jennifer and Greg
I highly recommend it!
- Jennifer and David
It is perfect for anyone - couples who don't need traditional stuff or for couples who would love to go on a honeymoon and may not be able to afford the whole trip. We loved it and our guests thought it was easy to use and was a great idea!
- Jade and Sean
We registered for everything. Our friends and family thought it was very unique and they loved buying our gifts online.
- Morgan and Stephen
It was very convenient and easy to cash in. I think everything is GREAT!
- Aubrey and Brian
It is awesome especially when you are combining two households and don't need anything but want to take the best honeymoon ever!
- Brenda and Nathan
Do it! It is fabulous. We had another couple register with you.
- Christine and Michael
Definitely use this site. It was the easiest site to use and the gift money was in our account the next day. I received so many positive comments from my guests. A few of my guests are going to use this site for their honeymoon!
- Amy and Ryan
It was great. For us, we did not allow ourselves to spend any of the money people gave us for our honeymoon on anything else. We wanted to make sure we experienced many different things and had someone just gave us money, we might have spent that money.
- Cejae and Adam
There isn't anything I would improved on the registry service. I felt it worked well and it was very easy to use.
- Joyce and Jonathan
Registery service was excellent. Hands free and user friendly.
- Sarah and Frank
We are a bit older than the 20 something couple and weren't in need of household items, this is a great alternative!
- Mary and Matt
We liked being able to use the site to receive gifts towards our honeymoon, since we both already had all household goods.
- Denise and Larry
Over-register, the money goes to you either way and then you can spend it any way you want, rather than getting gift certificates at stores you really don't need.
- Jennifer and Brian
It's a great service and our guests really enjoyed using it!
- Amy and Rob
I am going to let everyone I know, use this site. It has been a great way to make your dream honeymoon come true!
- Teri and Mike
Sign up! It's easy to use and really provides you with the funds to do all that you dream of doing on your honeymoon.
- Julie and Andrew
Use it, and have everyone spread the word. It's so much easier than going to the store, make sure you tell people.
- Kristi and Mario
If you're a couple who already has everything, the honeymoon registry is THE BEST !
- Jarva and Damon
Do it! It's easy and a great way to get people involved in making memories.
- Shannon and Michael
Great option for guests who are into travel and want to buy bride and groom a memory instead of a salad bowl or picture frame.
- Stephanie and Bryan
We are in our 50s, coming from two complete households. We really didn't need any gifts, so this was a fun way to register for something towards our honeymoon.
- Michelle and David
I liked the overall creativeness of the site, the ease of signing up and checking gifts.
- Sara and James
It give us the freedom wo do what we want and others ideas as to what we might like!
- Carolyn and Gilford
It was convenient and cut down on a lot of unnecessary gifts.
- Tangy and Errol
We have told everyone about it, and recommend it to all of our friends!
- Sarah and Charlie
We liked best the fact that it was so user friendly and accessable for ourselves and our guests.
- Therese and Nicole
It is great, especially if you are having a destination wedding.
- Meghan and Jason
The only way to go if you already live together or have most of the stuff to fill a house or apartment. what better way than to have your honeymoon paid for.
- Brandi and Robb
It is especially nice for older couples who may have been married before or those who already have the typical household items. It is wonderful to be able to add to your honeymoon experience.
- Keli and William
Liked it all!! Made it easy for people to give us the wedding gift we wanted instead of just buying us something.
- June and Eric
I highly reocmmend it. I suggest if you have a shower to have a honeymoon registry shower. We spent about $1,000 on our honeymoon expenses and it was a big help. That didn't include the hotel and air fare or food.
- Mildred and Michael
It is something that everyone should do, and gave our guests several options for gifts.
- Rayanne and Clint
Use the registry as a source to allow you to enjoy activities you otherwise may not have been able to enjoy.
- Amber and Kevin
We liked it all and our guests who were unsure what to get us liked having this option!
- Sarah and Kirk
It's a great tool, especially if you don't need a lot of regular registry items for you house. This is an opportunity to do some things that you otherwise might not be able to afford.
- Julie and Ed
It's a great idea for couples who are entering their second marriage (like us) who already have all the household items and don't need the things on a normal registry. Many of our guests liked the idea, too!
- Amy and Steve
Best registry idea ever invented....Will suggest it to everyone I know!
- Renae and Clifton
Great idea and guests loved it.
- Crystal and Steve
Use the honeymoon registry, it really works!
- Rhonda and Daniel
Use it! It's a wonderful way to get the cash you need without your guest feeling like they're just handing over a check.
- Petrea and Rob
The registry is easy to use, and even better, collecting gift monies is done with the click of the mouse. I think this is the best wedding registry available online. It's just a matter of time before the word gets out about this place over Bed, Bath & Beyond,
- Sonia and Benjamin
Use it! It's very easy to access and monitor. The customer service was super and very timely.
- Nessan and Jarvais
Do it! It is really worth it. We never regretted it once through the whole process.
- Miranda and Jay
It is the best idea and your guests will really enjoy it! A honeymoon registry is much funner and engaging than a regular registry and you get to truly enjoy your gifts with memories that will last a lifetime! My advice is to definitely do a honeymoon registry!
- Michelle and Frank Sonny
I loved how easy it was to use and how simple it was to get the funds.
- Patricia and Harry
This is the best registry that we ever did! It completely paid for our honeymoon.
- Kristin and Nathan
This is a great idea! It is easy for guests and is wonderful for older couples who already have established households.
- Rosanna and Richard
Loved it, lots of positive feedback. Convenience. Ease of getting money from you.
- Stacie and Daniel
I loved everything about the site! It was helpful and everyone said it was such a good idea!
- Angela and Lance
There should NO reason anyone shouldn't want to take advantage of this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Robin and Mark
The customer service was truly awesome. I had several requests and questions and sent a handful of emails, all of which were responded to in the most helpful and prompt fashion. It didn't feel like an anonymous website experience at all - very personal.
- Elise and Shane
Register early. When people find out your getting married believe it our not people will start buying you gifts right away. And this site was so much fun for everyone to look at and know that they were contributing to our honeymoon.
- Kristina and David
I like the customer service the best.If I needed help with anything on the site, someone was always easily accessable.
- Sophia and Jemel
It's helpful to have it come in cash so you can use it for other things if your plans change.
- Cynthia and Jason
It's amazing! People like to use it because it makes them feel like they are a part of your trip. It's more personal than a pot or pan or gift card. And the best thing, if you don't use all the money on your honeymoon you can put it back in your bank account when returning home.
- Ashley and Jacob
Ask for anything and everything! The registry helped us setup and live the honeymoon of our dreams!
- Lori and Brian
We would definitely use this honeymoon registry again, it was wonderful!
- Amy and Chris
The best part was that there were so many options as to what you can put on your registry such as $ for souvenirs, $ for airfare, $ for the resort, $ for excursions, and more. It really gave guests a lot to choose from. Also, it was SO easy to get our money.
- Marne and Joe
Go for it! If you are like us and already have a house then this is a perfect solution. I spoke to many of my guests who said they LOVED the idea and it was SO easy for them - plus they were able to get us something that would really help us with a dream honeymoon!
- Marne and Joe
The whole website is just a great idea. I came across the website and had never heard of anything like that before. I'm a hair stylist and come in contact with lots of people, and have recommended this website to alot of people.
- Kelly and Matt
I love your site, it was the best thing anyone could have told me about.
- Sherian and Mark
Use it! This is the best thing we did. It took ALL the hassle from wedding gifts and we received very good feedback from most of our guests - you can't please everyone.
- Gabrielle and David
I will definitely recommend With anything, do your homework so that you are well enough informed to make a sound decision.
- Shannon and Richard
I would recommend using a honeymoon registry to anyone. It is a great way to have spending money on the Honeymoon and pay off part or all of the vacation.
- Carla and Tim
Works very well and a great item to have for honeymoon registries! Use it!
- Jennifer and James
It was very easy to receive payment for gift money!
- Kelli and Pj
I loved that we could have the money directly deposited into our bank account because some people gave us presents the week of the wedding and there was no way we would have gotten a check by mail.
- Melissa and Nikolos
This is such an amazing site! Had we not registered, we would have never spent the money to on these activities. I would recommend it for any couple getting married.
- Jennifer and Todd
TRUST IT! The customer service is excellent and the payments are prompt!
- Ashley and Matt
The registry was great. I like the fact that we got to enjoy things on our honeymoon that otherwise we couldn't have afforded to do.
- Debbie and Adam
Using this registry was one of the best decisions we made throughout the planning process of our wedding. We are very grateful to have it exist.
- Stacey and Erik
Don't be afraid to use it. We were a little hesitant at first, but our guests loved it!
- Holly and Freddie
To use it is fun and easy and less stressful when it comes to purchasing items on your trip.Or having others try to figure out what to get for your bigday can just go to your website and make the purchase.
- Lafondra and Jeffrey
We highly recommend this website. And dont worry about not receiving your money, you will get it. We used the option to have it directly deposited into our bank account and we were very pleased on how fast we received our money.
- Kelli and Seth
Great way to register if you really want to have a fantastic honeymoon. All of our activities and dining were completley paid for!!!
- Jeanne and Brian
This is a great and extremely convenient site for not only the bride and groom but especially your guest. I can't begin to tell you how many compliments we recived on our registry choice. They though it was creative and were so excited to be able to be helping with our honeymoon.
- Betty and Durlan
I loved everything about it. It made everything so easy and it was wonderful going to our honeymoon and having so many things we wanted to do already taken care of. It saved us so much money!
- Betty and Reid
It was a great option for couples that dont want actual gift brought to their wedding. It's also a nice way of saying that you want money without saying it at all.
- Kourtney and Robert
Use it! Its the best thing you can do for yourself and your guests, its so convienient.
- Krystal and Mario
ADVERTISE ADVERTISE ADVERTISE!! If people can't understand how to do it, just have them call you or the registry.
- Kristin and Michael
I liked everything about it. It's a great idea for people to get you things other than kitchen appliances.
- Laura and Joel
I would definately recommend using the honeymoon registry - people really like the idea of giving you a gift you can use on your honeymoon.
- Lynn and Russell
I think everything was awesome! I loved being e-mailed when we received a girft.
- Lauren and Jeromy
Go for it! A major reason we went with it was because we both got married later (32 and 38) and had accumulated a lot of stuff. We didn't need to replenish our home with things, and really wanted our dream honeymoon as the gifts from our loved ones.
- Christine and Michael
We thought it was an excellent idea. Especially for the couple who already has all the gifts needed.
- Kim and Adrian
Use it! Great way to do fun things on the honeymoon
- Jenni and Scott
I liked the pictures and text that accompanied the gifts. It is important to allow the gift giver to feel that they are getting you something really nice for the money!
- Esther and William
I think it all was great...I liked how I received an email every time I got a gift.
- Nicole and Brian
it's great! It allows you to use cash for whatever you'd like to use it for on the honeymoon, without having to ask your guests for cash. It looks to them as though they're buying you a service gift, when really, you can just use the cash for whatever you wish.
- Sandra and Kyle
It's the best! We sent a picture of the activites we did to the people that bought them for us. Just a nice touch since they can't give you something wrapped at the wedding. This just shows thanks to those who bought us gifts!
- Destin and Jeff
I liked how easy it was for people to use and to get the money.
- Ashley and Jason
I loved it! I also appreciated that you acted so quickly on a suggestion I provided. I had asked that a link to the registry be provided in the email notification of guest purchases, and it was done within a few days!
- Nicole and Kofi
I would definitely encourage couples to take advantage of the registry because it was free, so easy to complete, and the guests loved it. Plus we had the option to use the money for the suggested items or for something else once we got to the resort.
- Nicole and Kofi
I really loved it and the customer service was fabulous. I thought our registry turned out awesome, thanks to lots of help with pictures from you.
- Angela and Jeffrey
Definitely use it! It was referred to me and I referred this site to two other brides who have used this and got great returns!
- Valerie and Brian
Nothing needs improvement really, it's a great site. The best thing was it's ease of use for both the wedding couple and guests.
- Suzanne and Geoffrey
Do it! It's a great way for guests to give you a gift towards your honeymoon, especially guests who don't want to simply give money.
- Tara and Serge
I would definately use the registry again and refer people to this site. It was a great alternative for us because we have a full household already, and really needed the help to pay for the wedding/honeymoon. It was a great help. Guests had positive comments.
- Holly and Herman
A definite must! Our guests loved the ease in selecting a gift. We heard nothing but positive feedback from all of our wedding guests.
- Kathy and Mark
I liked that we could put our honeymoon as our gift registry. It made it much easier to ask for money.
- Elizabeth and David
I was really satisfied with the registry. I would recommend the site to other couples.
- Teresa and Chris
This was the best site! I did a lot of research. Your site was the only site that had a contact phone number. Your representatives called me back right away, and your company accepts checks, which is really great! I have already referred your website to all!
- Audrey and Ryan
This type of registry is perfect for couples that are not "just starting out" and do not need sheets,towels, and china.
- Jennifer and Michael
We really liked the list of activities already provided for each honeymoon destination - made the set-up very easy!
- Erica and Win
We liked the pictures and options of the gifts people have to choose from as well as the ability to choose the dollar amount.
- Shannon and Matthew
No improvements needed. The preset gift ideas really helped get us started and the "create your own" option helped us personalize the registry to what we had planned and had talked about to friends and family. It was the best registry we used out of all!
- Lori and Sean
I think this will definitely help your honeymoon planning, it provides the extra funds needed to relax and enjoy the trip planned, without feeling overwhelmed financially, with wedding costs now a days, this gift registry is awesome on the sore pocket!!
- Isabel and Adolfo
We really enjoyed checking to see what people had gotten us. We had so many people tell us that it was fun to browse the site and what a great idea it was.The honeymoon registry was amazing. We were able to have the honeymoon of our dreams because of it. I highly recommend it to everyone!
- Kelly and Eric
I thought the service was great and very helpful to a couple who didn't need the "normal" registry items.
- Bethany and Darren
I advise everyone I know that is getting married about honeymoon registries. We married later in life and have no need for the "standard" gifts like toasters and place settings. Instead we wanted memories together.
- Sharon and Alex
Take advantage of Honeymoon Wishes - it was great that we were able to add the convenience fee to our guests gifts so we didn't have to pay a single dime. It was well worth it and I reccommend Honeymoon Wishes to everyone who is getting married.
- Jacqueline and Lance
I just wish I had known about it sooner! I liked the personalization of the activities and the variey of choices for our guests to choose from.
- Susan and Mark
All the money we received through this site paid for the trip! It was easy and fabulous! Thanks so much!
- Liz and Dan
I liked all the visuals, the ability to determine different dollar amounts and the notes people could write us when they gifted us.
- Lezlie and Ryan
Honestly we thought it was perfect! The best thing is you can see the purchases and from whom right away.
- Angela and Brian
We liked that the service was available. We loved the availability of the employees - quick responses to questions, actually being able to talk to a person, sending money when promised.
- Kimberly and Reginald
Very easy to use and it was a great way to get gifts for the couple who already has "everything".
- Christine and David
Spread the word, let people know that you have a honeymoon registry and that you are saving up for your honeymoon--it can be expensive!
- Diana and Michael
Everything went smoothly, it was a great way to do those little extras that we may not have otherwise!
- Chrissy and Ted
Everybody should use this registry. I recieved so many compliments from it.
- Stacey and Anthony
It was so easy to use, and definitely post your pictures and your story.
- April and Jeffrey
We used it and received very nice compliments from our guests.
- Gracie and Carlos
I loved the website and will recommend it to many more brides.
- Jennifer and James
It's perfect if you already live together and have most house items. Register for a lot of activities- people love to buy exciting things versus just a night at the hotel or dinner.
- Jamie and Chris
We were in an ideal situation, my parents left me everything in the house when the got divorced and moved out so we didn't "need" anything and could register for what we "wanted." Try to get things that are fun for you and your future spouse.
- Sarah and Michael
It's the best thing to do. It is a big help and easy for everyone.
- Isabel and Alexis
Loved the concept in general. This is where all our spending money and excursion money came from.
- Tiffany and Richard
Our guests and family loved it. It was convenient and at my lingerie shower, many of the ladies used my registry. Contrary to popular advice, I included our registries and directions inside the invitations. So many people commented and thanked us for making it easier to buy the gifts we wanted.
- Gracie and Carlos
Liked that we got money instead of several multiple gifts of the same thing.
- Kasidi and Todd
I liked the fact that you were notified as soon as a guest purchased a gift. Staff very helpful.
- Stephany and Mark
I think its a great idea then you recieve exactly what you like not just anything.
- Donna and Barry
Take full advantage of this registry!!! You'll be happy you did.
- Katie and Wes
Very impressed with the professional service. It was very easy to use. I highly recommend it.
- Julie and Aaron
It's a great idea for couples who were already living together and have household stuff.
- Michelle and Milton
I liked how you could add your own items and descriptions.
- Kimberly and Nial
Very impressed, made it very easy for friends and family to give gifts.
- Lauren and Rob
We liked having the option for people to contributed in general. It was nice for some people to have this option as opposed to a physical gift registry for things that we really didn't need.
- Teresa and Mark
We loved knowing that there was money being saved for us to use to pay off the price of the trip!
- Amy and Tom
I would highly recommend using a honeymoon registry. It was FABULOUS! Many couples are getting married (or remarried) who are already established in their homes and careers. A honeymoon registry is a great idea for couples who already have everything.
- Erin and Brian
If you don't need a lot of "normal registry items" this is great. We were able to do many things we would not have been able to afford otherwise by using the honeymoon registry.
- Jessica and Brian
It's the best idea since the wheel!!
- Tonja and Shelby
It was so wonderful. I can't think of anything that needs to be changed.
- Jenn and Gerald (Tito)
Nothing needs to be improved. It worked great and the money came quickly!
- Nicole and Richard
My friends and family were very impressed with this website. They liked that they were able to read a blog about what they were purchasing. I also like that I was given the opportunity to take out the 7% charge on my side opposed to them spending more.
- Mary and Chris
Next spring, my husband and I are selling off most of our possessions and spending a year biking across Europe. We knew that a "household goods" registry would be impractical, and wanted to get our friends and family excited about the trip. We created our own packages, ranging from "spare bike tubes" to "tickets to Neuschwanstein Castle".

Our guests wrote us messages through the site telling us how excited they are about the package they purchased. (How much they've always wanted to go, or how much they enjoyed it when they did go.)

Your site was easy to use, and kept track of the gifts we received. Once our trip starts, we plan to take pictures of our experiences and send those in the thank you notes. Those experiences will be so much better than a blender!
- Rebecca and Kirby
Our registry was very much appreciated by the out of town guests!
- Tara and Casey
We received so many compliments on the wedding website and honeymoon registry and how easy it was to use for our guests. My friends said they will definitely use the honeymoon registry for their weddings!
- Shanyn and Doug
We were so happy with the results we had from our wedding registry. The staff was always so professional and the ideas they had for our honeymoon registry were great! We had lived together before our Wedding and so we had everything for our home that we needed. This was a great way for our guests to give us something we really wanted.
- Andy and Kim
My best friend recommended that we register our honeymoon because we were combining two households into one and already had two of everything. The last thing we needed was more towels! Our Honeymoon was truly a dream come true. I could have never asked for a better gift from my friends and family. I had no idea there would be so many extra things to do and buy on a cruise until found the information on your site, using the honeymoon registry let me do it all!
- Anthony and Susan
You guys are so great. I am excited about the success of our honeymoon registry! Everyone complimented on how wonderful this website is. Thank you for making our wedding so enjoyable with this very unique gift. : ) Thanks a million.
- Brooks and Dave
Again thank you so much for all of your extra effort with our wedding website. Our family sincerely appreciates it. This honeymoon registry is the best! I appreciate all of your help.
Sincerely, Amanda

PS. Thank you Kristin for helping to make my parents dream vacation come true !!!
- Jason and Amanda
This wedding registry is great! It provides a new, innovative way of gift giving. Not only was it easy, but we received so many compliments from so many of our guests, that I recommend this website to everyone who is engaged. Your guests will love it, and most of all you will love how much you will be able to do on your honeymoon!
- Sara and Mark
This site is amazing, and we had such a great time putting our bridal registry list together! And our families and friends absolutely loved the way they could help us with our honeymoon and still give us a personalized gift. Thank you so much for helping to make our honeymoon everything we had always imagined.
- Stuart and Vicki
Wow Kristin, I must admit that I am IMPRESSED! Not only with your unique ideas and your professionalism but I almost fell out of my chair with your fast turnaround time. I look forward to doing lots of business with you in the future.
- Sincerely, Travel Professional
It was such a pleasure working with you and my clients truly had the trip of a lifetime. Hopefully we will even generate business from their referrals! Thanks again.
- Joan, Travel Professional
I am so glad when I see our couples sign up... we tell all our brides and grooms about it and they love it! Thanks!
- Rhonda, Travel Professional
Thank you for the prompt reply! We had a great time on our honeymoon thanks in large part to this bridal registry. I will definitely recommend your services to any of my friends who will get married in the future. Thanks again!
- Sehra
I appreciate you sending referrals to our agency. Thanks so much, Kristin.
- Lisa, Travel Professional
Hello Kristin, It is nice to have a response so promptly from your company. After browsing through all the honeymoon registries on the Internet, we came across your website and obviously loved what you had to offer. In comparison, your information was displayed clearly and there was a friendly tone to the language used to describe the process. You offered several options that were helpful and well, we are very happy so far. Have a lovely day!
- Tim and Nichole
Thanks! Your honeymoon registry website has been a wonderful and easy way for friends and family to send us gifts and we won't be getting any household items we can't use. Many people are looking forward to using your site for their own events as well.
- Dave and Laurie
Thank you so much! We have had a great time using the wedding registry and have gotten great feedback from our families. Thanks for the wonderful support.
- Phil and Molly
To whom it may concern:
First off, I would like to thank you for your service. It was easy and fun to use and I would definitely recommend this honeymoon registry to other couples as an alternative to traditional gift registries!
- Steven and Laura
Thanks! People love the gift registry and we're going to love our honeymoon!
- Heather and Christopher
Dear Lee, thank you very much! It was a pleasure using your wedding registry. Customer service was excellent and I appreciate the timely responses. I will definitely recommend your honeymoon registry to any future brides!
- Jennifer and Jonathan
Thank you Kristin! We have loved having our website and registry with you available to our friends and family. They have enjoyed reading about us on our website and being able to contribute unique gifts to our honeymoon. We are going to have a fabulous time and can't wait to leave next week!!

Thanks Again!
- Summer and David
Mrs. Stark,
I would like a big thanks to you for the great service you have provided!

- Kyle and Jennifer
Lee, on behalf of Caroline and Jeremiah I would like to thank you for all your help. Have a blessed day and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
- Grace
Hello! We had a fun time using your registry system and will definitely recommend it to other couples!

- Stacey
Thank you very much for your service! All is well and I think the service you provide is great and I've definitely been spreading the word... : )
- Trina and Charles
Thank you so much! The day was absolutely beautiful; there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and our 4-hour planned reception on the water turned into an 8 hour swim party. It truly was perfect. The guests loved the website too; they said it made 'registry' shopping fun because it wasn't the normal china and silver patterns. You have been great with answers and assistance. Thanks for all the info!

Many thanks! Have a phenomenal afternoon!
- Brenn and Jarkko
We are currently away as I write this, and thank you for everything! The honeymoon website was our favorite registry by far and this trip would not have been possible without it. Your help and service have been much appreciated. I would recommend this idea to anyone.
- Sincerely, Sarah and Ted
You guys have thought of everything to make this the easiest process ever!! Who would ever think that planning a honeymoon would be so simple and FUN!!
- Jennifer and Todd